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sXe Injected

Developer sXe Injected

sXe Injected is an Anti-Cheat system client/server. This program was designed to operate with motor of Half Life Servers (Counter ...


Developer ZxoR & Babylon

BCheat is a powerful and easy-to-use Conter-Strike 1.6 anti-cheat. It detects if you use any cheat in Conter-Strike, such as seeing ...

X-ray Anti-Cheat

Developer TNWA Limited

X-ray Anti-Cheat is a program designed to catch and eliminate cheaters in online games.

Genesis Anti-Cheat

Developer Cyber Gaming League, LLC

Genesis Anti Cheat is a Cyber Gaming Leagues anti cheat designed to promote a fair, hack free environment through the use of ...

Reperio Anti-Cheat


Reperio is a Counter-Strike:Global Offensive anti-cheat application. The program integrates the ...

SGL Anti-Cheat

Developer SGL

The Suicide Gaming League Anti-Cheat was created to provide users with a fair and level playing field. It uploads game configs ...

Server Watch Anti Cheat

Developer ServerWatch-AntiCheat

ServerWatch Anti-Cheat is a client/server application that helps prevent cheating on the Medal of Honor game series ...

Psychic Doom Anti Cheat Launcher

Developer SkyTeam

Sunshine Mu Season III Episode 2 Anti-Cheat Client

Developer Sunshine Network

Enemy Down Anti Cheat Components

Developer Enemy Down

Foresight Anti-Cheat

Developer Ignite Systems

Sunshine Mu Season 3 Episode 2 Anti-Cheat Client

Developer Sunshine Network

SK-Gaming Anti-Cheat Client

Developer SK-Gaming

SK-Gaming Anti-Cheat Client (X64)

Developer SK-Gaming

Foresight Anti-Cheat Scanner

Developer Ignite Systems, Inc.
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